1 - We thank God for you and pray your love and fruit grow. The gospel is advancing because I'm in jail - everyone wants to know why, or get me on trouble, so they all talk and learn about Jesus! Suffering is fine, for even in death we are with the Lord,, but God has more work for me here.

2 - be humble to each other, as Xhrist was. Don't grumble. I wanted to send you Timothy, but sent Epaphroditus, who was sick and almost died.

3 - Paul counts any other advantage as junk next to knowing Jesus. He presses on to know Him. Imitate the godly, as citizens of heaven.

4 - help others get along. Rejoice, and God's peace will guard you. Think on noble things. Thanks for the gift. I can do all things through Christ. God will meet your needs, too.

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