2 Corinthians 1-4

1 - we have been afflicted, so we can comfort you in your trials. My plans to you don't vacillate - I just couldn't come to you right now. Christ is the faithful yes to all God's promises; I didn't want to pain you with a difficult visit just now.

2 - I am not the source of your current pain, but the one you've had to discipline. Forgive him, now, so he isn't crushed. Christ always leads us whatever our plans, and we are a sincere, Christ-like aroma to believers.

3 - we don't deal with letters of commendation to show our capability. We minister a new, more glorious covenant of the Spirit, not of letters. We are bolder than Moses, who served with a veil. We are free, without a veil, and being more and more glorified in the Spirit.

4 - the unveiled gospel shines in us, but Satan blinds minds from seeing it. It shines in jars of clay to show God's power, and fulfill your purpose of thanking God. Our light affliction will give way to great glory.

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