Deuteronomy 1-2

Moses explains the Word of God to Israel before they cross the Jordan - His farewell sermon.
God sent us from Sinai to Canaan, through the desert.
God had us set up intermediate judges and leaders under Moses.
Israel refused to enter Canaan, afraid of how big and strong the Canaanites were.
God declares only Caleb and Joshua will enter, and the children of those rebelling.
Israel tries to go in, and gets beaten by the Canaanites.
They wander in the desert for 38 years (total of 40, with the first 2 taken up going from Exodus to Sinai to Canaan the first time).
They leave Moab and Ammon alone, and conquer Amorites.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus, before He ascends to heaven, commissions His disciples to go to all the nations.
Moses, before he died on the mountain, commissioned Israel to go into Canaan.
Jesus also points out when we rebel against him (Rev. 2-3).

The world won't just leave you alone, if you promise to leave them alone (2:26-31).  Someone will always be dispossessed, and the other in charge.  America's goal may be freedom of religion, but our goal as the church is the conversion of the nations, not a pluralistic neutrality of religion in the public square.  I'm not arguing here for forced conversions or imposing religion on people in any way.  But we work for Christ to have dominion from sea to shining sea.

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