Mark 14

Leaders want to arrest Jesus quietly.
A woman anoints Jesus with very expensive perfume/spices, which brings pietistic protests about the poor.
Judas agrees to betray Him.
Jesus arranges for the Passover.  During it, He says a disciple will betray Him.
He institutes the Lord's Supper: bread and wine for His body and blood of covenant.
Back on Olive Mt., Jesus again predicts their leaving Him.  Peter protests; Jesus predicts his denials.
Jesus prays, asking the Father for another way, but submitting to His will.
The 3 closest disciples can't stay awake with Him.
They awake to His arrest.  Judas kisses Him.  There is a brief struggle, which Jesus stops.
When He submits to arrest, they flee.
Caiaphas gets Jesus condemned by the Sanhedrin, for affirming directly that He is the Christ.
Peter then denies Jesus, when others start linking him to the condemned - he may lose his life, too...

Sins this reveals
So many!
Wanting to pursue our selfish agendas away from the eyes of others (vs. 2).
Appealing to the poor to get a piece of the action ourselves (vs. 4-5, and John 12:6)
Claiming to follow Jesus more faithfully than we actually do or will.
Rejecting Jesus quickly without examining Him and His claims (vs. 63-64).
Denying Jesus to save our own skin.

It is interesting that the Gospel writers pile on describing the sins of those around Jesus, in the hours just before He goes to bear them at the cross.

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