Deuteronomy 14-16

Don't be like the nations around you in how you mourn the dead or in what you eat.  Take your tithe to God's appointed place each year.  Every third year, keep it in your town to give to the Levite and widow there.

Every 7 years, forgive all debts owed to Israelites.  Give generously to the poor without taking advantage of them.  Also don't profit from your firstborn animals - sacrifice them to God.

Feasts reviewed: Passover and unleavened bread, Weeks, and Tabernacles are the three feasts all the men need to attend (16:16), and they are meant for the whole family (16:11, 14).  Do justice with judges in every town.  Don't plant trees or set up pillars (signs of fertility) near the appointed worship space.

How this is about Jesus
  • He speaks of having an evil or good eye, and 15:9 explains what that means: generosity and compassion.
  • He said we will always have the poor with us, a nearly direct quote of 15:11.  Many read this as a callous disregard of the poor on Jesus' part, but the context shows it is just the opposite.

  • We can be very stingy in our giving to God and to the poor.
  • Our giving to God should include our time in going to worship Him with His people regularly.  Lest any argue that three times a year is often enough, see Leviticus 23:3 for the command to assemble WEEKLY.

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