Numbers 34-36

God describes the borders of Israel's land: Jordan on the east, Sea of Galilee in the upper northeast corner (Chinnereth), Mount Hor in the north, Kadesh-Barnea in the South, Mediterranean on the west.  Chiefs of each tribe yet to receive land are named.

Levites get 48 cities total, throughout Israel.  6 will be cities of refuge, where accidental murderers are protected from avenging family.  Intentional murderers may not receive such protection, and are to be executed.

Daughters who inherit land, need to marry within their tribe, so that the land of a tribe stays in the tribe.

How this is about Jesus

  • He is our real inheritance.  He made heaven and earth, and so our ultimate sense of home is not a land or a place, but Christ the Lord.
  • He is our refuge, who protects us from Satan, the accuser.  At the death of the high priest, we go free (35:28).
  • He takes His bride, the Church, in such a way so as not to lose any inheritance (Psalm 2:8).

Do justice in punishing intentional and high-handed sins more severely than accidents.
Respect your boundaries and borders in relationships, neighbors, nations, etc.

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