Deuteronomy 3-4

Israel also conquers the Amorites of Bashan.
The 2 and a half tribes will settle there, after they fight for Israel.
Moses cannot enter the land, but gets to see it from Pisgah.

Moses reminds Israel of all God has done for them from the Exodus, to hearing His voice at Sinai, to recent battles won.  So stay loyal to God when you are tempted to worship idols and nature.  Israel is unique in that God made them a nation from another nation, and gave them unique and excellent laws.

How this is about Jesus

  • He is the firstfruits of the resurrection, and wins the victory at the cross before the victory is fully won at the consummation.  In the same way, God gives Israel victory and some inheritance to dwell in, before they cross the Jordan and all the battles are won.
  • Jesus wants our children to come to Him - forbid them not!  And Moses calls Israel to tells their children what the Lord has done for them.

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