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Sing your heart out at church!
"Too many in our churches are overly self-conscious about what others will think of them if they sing too loudly or, at times, out of key.... While we certainly want to strive for excellence in how we sing to our God, the sound of a child singing extremely loudly or, even at times, out of key, is a sweet sound that brings God great glory (Ps. 8). If we would simply seek to sing with joy in our hearts to the Lord we would lose self-awareness and embrace God-awareness. We would not fear what others might think about our singing."
Some people will do anything to save a marriage, including hurt or endanger people.  It's a classic case of Sabbath being made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

Is "The Art of Manliness" the answer to our masculinity crisis?  Paul David Tripp says not.

How should we respond if the Supreme Court gives a pro-same-sex marriage ruling?  Hint: the courts are not supreme - not the final word - in our system of government.  Right?

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