Deuteronomy 8-10

8 - God taught you in the desert to rely on Him.  Don't stop when you enter Canaan's prosperity.

9 - God isn't giving you Canaan because of your great righteousness.  You have been stubborn with the golden calf, complaining for water, and refusing to enter Canaan the first time, so that I (Moses) had to intercede for God not to destroy you.

10 - Moses made new tablets and the ark, after the calf.  God set the Levites apart to minister before the ark.  Stop your stubbornness!  God has been kind and good to you, so fear and love Him, and love the stranger among you, too.

How this is about Jesus
He quotes 8:3 to Satan - God taught Israel in the desert that man doesn't live by bread alone.
He is the reason we can enter God's paradise - not by our own righteousness, but by His (Phil. 3:8-9).
He restored our relationship with God, as Moses set up the holy of holies with the ark and the law.
He was kind to the stranger, the Gentile and the sinner, when others ostracized them.

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