Deuteronomy 17-19

In determining guilt, 2 or 3 witnesses are needed, not just one.  Death for idolaters, and those who disregard the judges' rulings for them.  Have a supreme court in the appointed place of worship.  When you have a king, make sure it isn't a foreigner, and he may not gather many horses, wives or gold.  Instead he should copy this law by his own hand.

Give the priests their due in each town.  If a priest comes to the capital to serve, give him a position and a portion.  Don't let sorcerers live.  God will send a prophet for you to heed.  You will know it because what he says will come true.

Set up cities of refuge close to all your territory and easy to get to with good roads, so an accidental killer can flee there.  The judges there determine if it was accidental.  If not, they turn him over to the victim's avengers.  Don't move boundaries.  If a false witness arises, do to him what would have happened to the one he slanders.

How this is about Jesus
He knew the law, as a faithful king should (chpt 17).
He tells us to establish matters by 2-3 witnesses, if needed (Matt. 18:15-18).
He is the prophet God sent (18:15).  Luke 19:41-44 is one example of Jesus predicting something that came true, besides His own death and resurrection.
He was falsely accused before the Sanhedrin (Matt. 26:60).

Don't believe one side in a dispute, without hearing the other side.  This perverts justice.
Listen closely to the words of Jesus!

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