Luke 2

A government census forces Joseph and Mary on a long trip to Bethlehem right when she is due to give birth to Jesus.  The only place to lay Him is an animal feed trough, since the inn(s?) are full.

Angels announce it to shepherds outside town.  The angels praise God.  The shepherds go see Jesus and tell everyone they meet what happened.

Joseph and Mary keep the law, circumcising and naming the baby Jesus on the 8th day, and going to the temple after 40 days.  There they meet Simeon and Anna, who prophesy that Jesus is salvation for Jew and Gentile.

They go settle in Nazareth, and when He is 12, they take Him to the Passover feast at the temple.  He stays there after Joseph and Mary depart, wisely discussing Bible with the teachers, who are impressed.


  • Governments can oppress and humiliate people, and Jesus let that happen to Him and His parents. (1-7)
  • No matter how humble your situation, there are glorious angels praising God with you and watching over you. Tell others about Jesus! (8-20)
  • Keep God's Word, even when you think you have a "special case." (21-40)
  • Even the best parents lose track of their kids now and then. (40-52)

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