Numbers 12-14

Moses' siblings, Aaron and Miriam, criticize him for marrying an Ethiopian woman.  God confirms Moses' unique leadership by word and miraculous leprosy on Miriam.

God has Moses search out the land with twelve spies, one from each tribe.  They say the land is good, but well occupied and fortified by strong people.  Caleb and Joshua alone of the spies say they should make the attempt.  The people want to stone them.  God wants to destroy them.  Moses intercedes and God relents.  But He kills the unfaithful spies, and doesn't allow anyone but Caleb and Joshua to enter the land.  The rest will die wandering in the wilderness.  The people change their minds and decide to go in.  Moses warns them not to, but they don't listen, and are defeated.

How this is about Jesus
We can try to reject some things Jesus said or did, while accepting Him as Lord - an impossibility.
Jesus is the rest God graciously gives us, after we fail to enter rest through our own disobedience (Hebrews 3-4).

Refusing to believe God will grant victory and overcome enemies before us.
Criticizing and judging people for doing unexpected and non-traditional things, though they are not forbidden in God's Word.

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