Leviticus 23-24

God lays out the feasts for Israel

  1. Sabbath.  Weekly assembly.
  2. Passover.  1/14 (month/day).
  3. Unleavened Bread.  1/15. Seven days.
  4. First fruits. No date but always a Sunday.  Wave offering of bread and wine.
  5. Weeks, Pentecost.  Fifty days after first fruits.
  6. Trumpets.  7/1.
  7. Atonement. 7/10.  Affliction of soul.
  8. Tabernacles. 7/15. Seven days.  Festive camping to remember Exodus and wilderness wandering.

Priests are to keep the lamp stand and showbread supplied.
A man takes God's name in vain in a curse while fighting, and God says to stone him.
Punishment must be proportional (eye for eye).

How this is about Jesus

  • He fulfills every feast - our rest, lamb, pure bread, first fruits in His resurrection, harvest and Spirit -sender, director of our movements and times (trumpets), atonement by His blood before God, and shelter.
  • He is the light of the world equipped by the Spirit (oil for lamp stand).
  • He is the bread of life. 
  • The first thing He wants us to pray for is God's name to be hallowed, not defiled.
  • He took the capital punishment our sins deserved.

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