Numbers 3-4

The Levites are counted: 22,000 men at least a month old.
Levi had 3 sons: Gershon, Kohath and Merari.  According to those clans
Gersonites had charge of tabernacle fabrics and camped west of the tabernacle.
Merarites had charge of the tabernacle frame and camped north of it.
Kohathites had charge of the tabernacle furniture and camped south of it.
Moses, Aaron and priests camped east of it.
The Levites are consecrated instead of Israel's firstborn, which are 22,273.  So all the firstborn of Israel pay 5 shekels to make up for the extra 273.

Chap. 4
Levites work from age 30 to 50.
When they break camp, Aaron's sons cover the furniture and Kohathites carry it.
Aaron's son Eleazar oversaw the whole operation.
Aaron's son Ithamar oversaw the Gershonites and Merarites.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus began His ministry at age 30.
He WAS the tabernacle, in His body (John 1:14).


  • We need to take care and attention since God is with us.  Pay attention to Christ's person and work as we move about from place to place.  He is always with us.  In our business and busy-ness it's easy to get careless about His presence.
  • We also remember that we have been bought and consecrated to God with a price, like the firstborn were.  Were it not for that mercy, we would deserve death.

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