Numbers 26-27

God has Israel take another census of every man twenty and up.  There are 601,730.  Of these, only Joshua and Caleb were numbered after the exodus, the eat have died in the desert.

A man has no sons but five daughters and asks what happens to his inheritance.  It goes to the daughters.  God tells Moses to go up a mountain and see the land, for he will then die.  Moses asks God to give Israel a leader, and He says to ordain or inaugurate Joshua to that office, since he has the Spirit.

How this is about Jesus
Like Joshua and Caleb, Jesus is faithful in the desert.
Like Zelophehad, Jesus saw His inheritance possibly cut off, but will see His seed prolonged(Isaiah 53:8, 10), thanks to God's promise.

Sins often remove earthly blessings we might otherwise have had.  Israel and Moses cannot enter Canaan.  This does not endanger our forgiveness or our salvation, though.

God's people need leaders.

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