Mark 11

Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey, intentionally fulfilling Zechariah's prophecy (9:9).
He curses a fig tree and it withers.  This represented the leaders of the nation.
He cleanses the temple, rebuking the leaders of the nation.
The disciples are amazed that His rebuke is effective, and He points them inward - to work at prayer and forgiveness instead of reveling in power over the powerful.
Leaders confront Jesus, but He catches them between a rock and a hard place about John.

It's a heady business, speaking truth to power.  It's exciting and gives the normal person a pride problem or a martyr complex.  Moses struggled with both at various points (striking the rock, and complaining to God while confronting Pharaoh).
Following Jesus is not just a private, individual enterprise.  He calls for justice in the public square.

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