2 Chronicles 27; Isaiah 9-12

27 - Jotham, Uzziah's son is king for 16 years, doing right and receiving tribute from Ammon.
9 - the darkness will turn to light, for a son/king will be born to the people. But now they are stubborn in their sin, even when I punish them.

10 - I will use Assyria to punish, though they just mean to destroy for themselves, so I will waste them with disease. They will attack and destroy, but a remnant of Israel will return.

11 - a Branch will come from Jesse, who will have the Spirit of wisdom to judge righteously. Creation will be set right again; Israel returned to their land from Egypt and Assyria. All the earth will know Yahweh.

12 - then you will sing: Yahweh is my strength, song & salvation

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