Honor your Mother, and Mother Kirk

One way we show honor is through our table manners, both here and at home. Mom honors the family by setting a table with food. She has taken her husband’s provision and transformed it into tasty nourishment. Honor her for that. Do not complain about the food at home. Now our Father also provides earthly means of nourishment in His grace. She is called the church, our mother. She passes on the Father’s instruction, provision, discipline, and grace, which come from Him. So here at church, do not pine for something more sensational in the service. Trust your mother to nourish you in her way. And all that can be summed up in one little word, that topples giants: Jesus. Jesus has set before us His own life, laying it down for us to take up and eat. Honor Him for this. He has lifted the curse against us. So let His works praise Him in the gates. Give Him His reward – seek His glory for what he has done.


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