Prudent fear and faith

Our text today (2 Samuel 17) taught us to trust God’s providence and wisdom, to act prudently, not out of pride, hatred or fear. We must do this at the Lord’s table. God has set things up this way, and we must believe that we live not just by bread but by God’s word – and that God feeds us at this Table, by uniting us with His own Son’s saving life. We must act with prudence here, not presuming on God’s grace, treating this Table in a cavalier and callous way. Make double sure of your salvation, by renewing covenant with your Lord, receiving His grace. Do not eat and drink out of fear that if you make a wrong move you will be struck down. As you humbly seek Him in faith in Christ, He is good to us. Do not eat here out of pride that you are worthy enough to partake, for you can be cut off, too, if you do not believe. Do not eat or drink here with hatred in your hearts for anyone Jesus loved and redeemed when He gave His life on the cross.


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