2 Kings 9-11

9- Jehu is anointed king and quickly supported instead of the injured/sick Joram. He kills Joram king of Israel (condemning him for following Jezebel's idolatry), Ahaziah king of Judah (since he is there visiting Joram in friendship), and Jezebel herself.

10 - Jehu kills Ahab's 70 sons, the rest of his family, Ahaziah's relatives he happens to meet on the road, appealing all the time to God's judgment on Ahab's house for his sin. He kills all the Baal prophets, deceptively pledging loyalty and offering sacrifice to Baal first to trick them. Jehu is king 28 years, but after all this, he worships the golden calves at Dan and Bethel! Syria conquers parts of Israel, and Jehu's family will only reign for 4 generations, as a result.

11 - Ahaziah dies, his mother Athaliah kills the rest of his family (her own children and grandchildren?) and takes the throne, but 1-year old Joash is saved and hidden. Jehoiada anoints him king when he is 7, kills Athaliah and Baal priests, and tears down his temple.

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