Mothers are blessed

Well today is Mother’s Day and Thursday is Ascension Day, and our sermon text is about David avenging the Gibeonites. How is that all going to work out, you ask? Let’s start with the first two. Mothers, you are loved. Your constant labor is driven by your love for your God, your husband and your children. Whatever you do, and you have a lot to do, do it unto the Lord. Your work is consecrated to Him. In Old Testament language, your work is a whole burnt sacrifice, or an ascension offering. All of it goes up to the Lord, and is a sweet smell in His nose. Jesus Christ sat and talked with Mary at His feet, and helped Martha keep perspective when she was overwhelmed with all the work. Jesus offered up Himself, so that He can intercede for you. And He is doing that right now, at the Father’s side, asking for you to have strength, joy, respect, wise instruction, grace, and confidence in the Lord. Happy Mother’s Day, and may the Lord bless you. Children, honor your mother today and every day. This goes for everyone with a mother. If your mom is not in this life anymore, then thank God for what you can in her, and tell your family or friends about her, too.


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