Protection by a poured-out life

2 Samuel 21:15-22; 23:8-39

Shammah guarded the field of lentils, the food for Israel(23:11). Jesus has given Himself as food for us. Satan cannot take this away. We are defended and fed by a strong warrior who has plundered the strong man’s house, recovering us, who were kidnapped and in bondage to sin.

Jesus did this by pouring Himself out for us. David poured out the water his men brought him from Bethlehem (23:16-17). It symbolized their blood, their lives expended for the kingdom of Israel. David honored this. And we are here to honor and proclaim our Lord’s death until He comes again. This is worship. This unites us in one heart, raised to our Lord Jesus in heaven, the Lamb seated on His father’s throne. We are one bread, one body, getting ready for the marriage feast of the Lamb by gaining strength from His Word, Spirit, water, bread and wine.


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