Pentecost Confession

On Pentecost, the Spirit came down and equipped the apostles to proclaim Christ with clarity and conviction. This brought about conviction of sin, as those assembled said, what must we do? This is always part of repentance. You realize what you did wrong, you tell God you were wrong, you tell those you wronged that you were wrong. Too often, repentance stops there, in our minds and tongues. But then you consider what you must DO, going forward. Did you give back what you borrowed and never returned? Have you considered how you will avoid falling into this sin again? The Spirit leads us to consider what we must do. He leads us to repent. He leads us to Christ, to be baptized for the forgiveness of sins. He gives us faith in this promise, for us and for our children. Receive His Word and Spirit now, as we confess our sins.


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