1 - Israel's wound is incurable; God will send conquerors
2 - They oppress and steal, and say not to preach about it - they'd rather hear about wine and beer

3 - leaders eat up people; prophets follow the money instead of the Spirit

4 - God will gather Israel to hear and follow the Word, each under his own vine. But first they will go to Babylon.

5 - when the siege comes, your ruler will come later, and from little Bethlehem. He will feed us; idolatry and warfare will be over.

6 - God's indictment: I redeemed you! God's requirement: justice, mercy, and humility. Not sacrifice as a substitute for these. God will not ignore the stolen goods in rich houses anymore, but will take it away by force.

7 - Israel is evil; she will fall, but then rise again, forgiven.

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