2 Kings 1-4

1 - Israel's king Ahaziah, son of Ahab is king 2 years. Injured, he inquires of Baal. Elijah denounces him to his servants. Ahaziah sends to arrest Elijah, but he calls down fire on that consumes the first 2 sets of 50 men. This keeps the 3rd captain from harming Elijah, and he denounces Ahaziah to his face.

2 - Elijah parts the Jordan, Elisha asks for a double portion of the Spirit Elijah had, chariots of fire take him up to heaven, Elisha parts the Jordan, cures a town's water, curses 42 boys who mock him.

3 - Jehoram, son of Ahab is king for 12 years. He attacks Moab with Judah when they rebel. Elisha calls on God to provide water for the army in the desert.

4 - Elisha provides oil (money) for a prophet's widow to keep her sons from slavery. A Shunemite woman hosts Elisha regularly, and God gives her a son. But he dies, and Elisha's servant Gehazi cannot revive him (Matt 17:16). Elisha does. Later, he heals poisoned food, and multiplies bread for his disciples.

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