Going to Our Father

Sermon on God the Father and Creator

Communion meditation text: John 14:1-7

Part of the reason Jesus gave us a Table, bread and wine, to remember Him, is because He is restoring us to the Father, pointing us to the Father. He is the way to the Father. This is a family affair. We are the prodigal son, welcomed back after our rebellion, not as slaves but as sons, with a feast thrown to celebrate our restoration. We aren’t here celebrating how godly we all have been, or that we came to our senses and returned to God. We are celebrating that God accepts us in Christ’s death and resurrection. God your Creator has a room for you in His house, He has a chair for you at His table, and a plate loaded with food.

God the Father is your destination, the purpose for the Passion of Christ. Jesus wants you restored to the Father, and united with Himself. This table is a picture of that desire, of the divine intent and decree that you have all the joy you can handle in the immediate presence of God. This table is just the hors d’euvres to that coming feast.


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