Hosea 1-6

1 - Hosea told to marry a whore, to show Israel that she is a whore. His kids' names reveal that god will not have mercy on her (though He will on Israel), and that He is putting her away as His wife.

2 - I will take away her stuff that she thinks her lovers gave her, when it was Me. Then I will woo her back and remarry her in righteousness.

3 - Hosea takes Gomer back, to show this. What humiliation of the husband, of God Himself in this! Yet He does this because He is intent on fellowship with and marriage to us, His people.

4 - God accuses Israel of her sins, especially her priests for chasing women and wine.
5 - God withdraws from Israel for her harlotry
6 - let us return to God- He will revive us. Israel's loyalty is fleeting as the dew and God has mown her by the prophets.

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