Isaiah 5-8

5 - God has a vineyard, Israel, and He looks for fruit in her but finds none. Instead of righteousness there corruption and oppression.
6 - Isaiah sees God in His majesty, is undone, purified, and sent to tell Israel they are to be cut down, though a remnant will remain.

7 - Israel allies with Syria vs Judah, scaring Ahaz, Judah's king. Isaiah gives him God's assurance that they will not succeed. Before thechild conceived today knows right from wrong, Assyria will wipe out Syria and Israel.

8 - the child was Isaiah's! Maher-shalal-hashbaz. Assyria will come, but God is with Judah - Immanuel. Fear God, not Assyria. Men tend to hold God in contempt, angry in the dark, but go to the law for light.

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