Easter Communion - God's Yes

Does this ritual, this Lrod’s Supper really do anything for us? Sometimes we wonder. We also, in moments of dry doubt, wonder if all that Bible reading is really worth it. We wonder if Christ’s death on the cross really does anything for us. The answer lies in the apostles’ witness to the resurrection of Christ. The answer came from God when He raised Jesus on the third day. Yes, His death does something for you, God says, for I have accepted it in place of your sins. Yes, this meal does something for you, for it hearkens back to that death. Yes, you will live, even if you feel like a bunch of dry bones. God can raise you out of your deadness, your dry spell, your trial, and give you life. And he does it by giving us His body as a sacrifice, to turn aside God’s wrath, and then to feed us and give us eternal life.


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