2 Kings 15; 2 Chron 26

Amaziah's son Azariah/Uzziah is king in Judah 52 years. He fights successfully against Philistia, Arabia and Ammon. He presumes to offer incense in the temple and becomes a leper, and his son Jotham rules for him.

Jeroboam's son Zechariah (Jehu's 4th generation) is king in Israel 6 months, and assassinated by Shallum. He is king 1 month; killed by Menahem, who reigns 10 years. He sends tribute to Assyria. His son Pekahiah is king 2 years. He, his father and his son all worship idols. Son Pekah is king 20 years. Assyria conquers northern Israel. Hoshea kills Pekah.

Jotham king in Judah 16 years. Syria and Israel attack.

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