2 Kings 12-13; 2 Chron 24

12 - Joash exerts pressure on the priests to repair the temple. Jehoiada dies; Joash leaves God for idols; Zechariah, Jehoiada's son prophesies against Joash, who has Zechariah killed. Syria attacks and Judah pays a steep bribe for peace. Joash is assassinated. (2 Chron 24)

13 - Jehoahaz, Jehu's son is king in Israel 17 years. He seeks God partially and Israel is partially saved from encroaching Syria. Jehoash, his son is king 16 years, worshiping idols and fighting Judah. Elisha gets sick; Jehoash visits him; Elisha prophesies limited victory over Syria; Elisha dies; his bones do one last miracle (total of 14, double Elijah's 7) raising a man to life.

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