1 Kings 5-7

Solomon makes a treaty with Tyre, and trades wheat and oil for logs and stone to build the temple.  He has an organized labor force.  He builds the temple 480 years after Israel left Egypt.  It takes 7 years and it's beautiful, made of cedar, stone and gold.  The holy of holies is all cedar with the ark and cherubim.

Solomon's own palace and house took longer and was bigger.  He imports a bronze worker from Tyre, who makes:
  • two pillars for the temple, with 400 pomegranates on lattice and lilies around the capitals/tops
  • the water basin for the temple, about 15 feet in diameter, holding 12,000 gallons, resting on 12 bronze oxen.
  • 10 water basins holding 240 gallons each, on wheeled stands
  • other utensils for temple sacrifice and washing work
So much bronze was cast they lost count of the quantity.

Items made of gold: altar, table, lampstands, utensils and door frame sockets.
Gold and silver was put in the treasury in the temple.

How this is about Jesus
He is the greater temple, not made with hands, but restored in 3 days after it (His body) was torn down.  

  • We are the temple of God, being raised now, God's household.  Jesus is the foundation, and we must build in ways that last, using gold, silver, stones, and wood, not hay or straw (1 Corinthians 3:12).
  • The temple was made of costly material, and time and care were put into its beauty.  So also should we in our relationship to God give Him the best of our lives and efforts.

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