Proverbs 5-9

The forbidden woman looks smooth and sweet, but she leads to bitterness and death.
Don't take that way.
Be satisfied and enraptured (intoxicated, actually!) with your own wife.

Being in debt is an urgent and desperate situation.  Get out and run away from it like a gazelle from a predator.
Look to the ant for how to be diligent in your work.
God hates deception, pride, violence and discord.
Your parents' way will protect you from getting burned and disgraced by immoral women.

My wisdom will protect you.  I've seen young men taken in by the sensual temptation women can offer.  It destroys them like animals to the slaughter.  Many victims fall to them.

Wisdom calls out for the simple to learn.
Wisdom is straight, valuable, hates evil, leads kings, and brings wealth, righteousness, and justice.
I, wisdom, was with Yahweh at the beginning.  When He made the earth He used Me.
If you find and follow Me, wisdom, you avoid injury, but will be blessed with life and God's favor.

Wisdom sets a rich feast and invites you to dine.  But it's hard to give fools wisdom.
Folly is calling out for guests in her house, too.  But it's the house of death and hell.

How this is about Jesus
5 - He urges the adulteress to sin no more, and everyone to looking to lust after a woman.
6 - He rescues us from our debts with sacrificial diligence.  He worked hard as a builder/carpenter.
8 - Wisdom personified, beginning in verse 22, could also be Jesus talking.  The Father delighted in the Son since the foundation of the world (vs. 30).  The Son is begotten by the Father from eternity (vs. 22 "possessed" means got, originated or acquired).

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