Psalm 101; 103; 108

I will pursue purity and integrity in my heart and in my walk.
I will not tolerate the slanderer, the haughty, or the deceitful.
I will favor the faithful.

Bless God for forgiving and satisfying you.
He is just and merciful, without scolding.  He can remove your sins from you.
God's love is with those who fear Him, and their children in covenant.
God's angels bless Him, too, and His throne is in the heavens.

I will praise You, Lord!  Be exalted!
You claim the nations as Yours.
Without God, we are defeated; with Him, we do valiantly.

This is about Jesus
101 - He was sinless and pure
103 - He forgives and satisfies us.
108 - the nations are HIS inheritance.

101 - Do not make these resolutions apart from the Lord Jesus Christ.
103 - A traditional Psalm after Communion.  Great reading for Sunday afternoon.

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