Sunday sports / Blog overload / First Principles

1. Doing sports on Sundays?  Here's another look.
"If you want your children to love Jesus, provide them with an example where love for Christ demands that he must come first, and not be shared with the fleeting pleasures of the world."

2. The original bloggers are quitting.  Hateful feedback, and digital life corroding real life are among the reasons.
“Everything has been reduced to a small square on a phone... Attention spans are now 140 characters long, sometimes as short as a video or a picture that self-destructs in a few seconds.”
"I am saturated in digital life and I want to return to the actual world again."

3. I've become an avid reader of First Things, a Catholic magazine specializing in culture. It's their 25th anniversary this year. Here is the original editorial 25 years ago by Richard Neuhaus, setting out their key principles.
"At every historical moment, the contemporary is afflicted by the crippling conceit of its utter novelty."

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