Acts 7

Stephen makes his defense before the Sanhedrin.  He emphasizes that God's work with Israel has never required the land of Israel or the temple.  Also, that Israel didn't understand when God sent a deliverer, whether it was Moses, or Jesus.  The same one they reject becomes the chosen Savior.

In the wilderness, Israel was tempted to worship idols, though they had the tabernacle.  Stephen tells the Sanhedrin that they are doing like their fathers did, rejecting the one God gave them to save them, and turning to idols instead.  In their anger they stone him, Saul of Tarsus assisting.  But Stephen sees Jesus and asks Him to forgive them as he dies.

How this is about Jesus
Stephen's speech hints heavily to Christ without ever mentioning Him.  He is the greater Moses Israel rejects, and the greater temple Israel needs, while they cling to the earthly building.

It is important to know your nation's and your family's spiritual history.  How have your people been prone to disobey God in the past?  Those patterns may be tendencies in your own life.

Conviction of sin brings repentance or anger and rebellion.  If neither happens, conviction of the truth isn't happening in the heart.

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