The Compassion of Christ

Part IV - Christology
Chapter 25 - Thomas Goodwin on Christ's Beautiful Heart

Goodwin (1600-1680) was in the thick of things historically.  Taught at Cambridge until Archbishop Laud drove the Puritans out.  He later was president of Magdalen College, working with John Owen.  He resisted King Charles II's persecutions.

He taught that Christ is more compassionate for us now that He is exalted to heaven, not less pitying of us.  We might think He forgets us or is beyond us, since His ascension (the Problem of Christ's Compassion), but this only deepens His affection in our weaknesses (Hebrews 4:14-15).

His promises to us show His heart for us.  He loved His own to the end (John 13:1), said He was going to prepare a place and bring us to Him (John 14), sent the Spirit to comfort us with His words (John 15-16), and showed how He would be praying to God for us in glory (John 17).  He gives us peace after His resurrection, restores Peter, calls us His brothers (John 20:17).  He sends the Spirit, and all His works are because Jesus loves us.

The Proof of Christ's Compassion
The Father charged Jesus to do all He has done for us (Hebrews 4:14-15; John 6:37-40).
His own divinity shows His love is freely given us, not just forced by the Father (Matthew 11:28-29).
The Spirit Incarnated the Son and equipped Him for His ministry of mercy to us (Luke 4:18).

This compassion for us moves us to put away sin, to walk in His light moment by moment, and to wait with bated breath to see Him as He is (1 John 3:2)!

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