Fools say there is no God.
He looks down and sees corruption, rejection and persecution of His people.
But God will restore their fortunes.

I am restless and fearful from oppression, so that I want to run away.
Destroy them, Lord.  I could bear it if it wasn't a former friend.
I call to God, and He will answer.

You think you are judging well, rulers, but you're doing violence.
Tear out their fangs, so the righteous are safe and rejoice in Your judgment.

How this is about Jesus
He restores our fortunes from corruption and persecution.
He was rejected by a close disciple.
He was dealt violence by rulers who thought they were doing well (58:1-2; John 11:50-53).

It is okay to be upset at the evils we hear of in the world.  They SHOULD distress us.  What we do with that distress is key.  Do we turn it into violence?  Despair?  Compromise?  Flight?  Or do we turn to the Lord?

"Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you" - Psalm 55:22.

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