Response to Supreme Court ruling on marriage

My denomination's statement

John Piper laments.

The Protestant church speaks with one unified voice here.
[Update]: Rob Gagnon, an important scholar on homosexuality and the Bible, demurs.  But of his 5 points of disagreement, I found myself only agreeing with his 3rd one.

Here is my short statement, based on Romans 12:21.
With the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage now out, a ruling probably as significant as Roe v Wade, it is very tempting to be overcome by this evil.  To hate the liberal justices all the more, to curse those who marginalize us.  But this passage tells us to bless those who persecute us.  Not to avenge ourselves, but to make way for God’s judgment.  Our job is to be ready with compassion and truth at all times.  We should not be led by our government to call perversion good – we must resist that, and not submit to such rulings.  But we resist by submitting to God and loving our neighbor, not by taking the law into our own hands, not with bluster or braggadocio.  We resist Roe v Wade with protests and prayers outside abortion clinics, and with rescue clinics of our own.  We will find similar ways to resist this ruling, as we shine the light of the Gospel on a dark world.  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

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