Acts 3

Peter and John go to the temple to pray (not to sacrifice, notice).  A beggar asks them for money, and Peter tells him to stand up and be healed in the name of Jesus.  He is, jumps for joy, goes into the temple with them, makes a stir and a crowd, and Peter seizes the opportunity and speaks.

"We didn't heal this man by our own power, but by the God of Abraham, who sent us Jesus.  You killed Him, but God raised Him again, and we saw Him.  The power of Jesus healed this man.  You can now repent.  Jesus is the prophet God promised through Moses to send.  All the prophets and the promise to Abraham pointed to this Jesus.

How this is about Jesus
The central thrust of Peter's message is to spotlight Jesus, making Him the center of gravity around which the whole Old Testament orbits!

  • How did Peter know to stop and address and declare this man healed?  It isn't said, but the Spirit is at work in a powerful and unique way, here.
  • Stay engaged with people who don't get it, yet.  The apostles were likely tempted to separate from the temple, but Jesus had told them to stay in the city, and be His witnesses in Jerusalem.  We have a strong tendency to separate from those with whom we disagree.  Staying in touch allows the Spirit to work in His way.
  • God's work bring joy and draws a crowd.  Will the church be ready to speak when it gathers?

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