John 13

Jesus knew it was time for His death.  He washes the disciples' feet in the upper room.  Peter objects to Jesus serving him so humbly, but if Jesus doesn't serve and wash us, we won't be His.  This is an example for us to serve those we lead.

Jesus is grieved at Judas' betrayal in a few minutes, and hints at it, then makes it clear by giving Judas a piece of bread (a photo negative of the Passover, or Lord's Supper).
Judas leaves and Jesus begins His Upper Room Discourse.

Now it's time.  I'm leaving soon.  Love each other.
Peter says he wants to follow wherever Jesus is going, but Jesus predicts his denials.

  • We must accept the extreme service Christ did for us on the cross, instead of trying to clean ourselves.
  • Service to others must remain our motive, no matter how high a position over others we may have.
  • Just an hour or two before His arrest, Jesus is most concerned about His disciples and talks at length with them - we should treasure His words (all of Scripture) as coming from a God concerned to redeem us.
  • Our resolutions to obey always outstrip our actual obedience, like with Peter.

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