Acts 5

One couple in the early church lies about how much they sell land for, to give to the church.  They fall down dead on the spot.  The church and Jews around are impressed and fear God.  But the temple rulers get jealous of their popularity and arrest them again.  An angel breaks them out, sending them to preach in the temple.  The rulers can't find them in the morning, are obviously out of control, and then arrest them again.

They confront Peter and John: "We told you not to speak in the name of Jesus."  Response: "We cannot obey you."  And they preach the death and resurrection of Jesus again, not leaving out His ascension or sending of the Spirit!  Many in the Sanhedrin want to kill them, but Gamaliel counsels to let them be, expecting the movement to die out after a while.

Wanting to look righteous at church can lead us to do silly or sinful things.
Gospel presentation must always center around the redemptive acts of Jesus for us: Incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, Pentecost.

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