Psalm 68, 72, 86; Proverbs 4

God scatters His enemies, but gathers His people to Himself like at the Exodus, so rejoice!
He gives His people plunder and gifts while His enemies look on with hatred.
Kings will bring gifts to our God, while we praise Him in glorious procession.

Let the king rule with Your justice, Lord, that prosperity, peace and reverence for You may abound.
May his dominion expand, since he helps the poor and needy.
May we pray for him; may he be blessed and be a blessing to all nations.
Blessed is the LORD; may His name and glory fill the earth forever.

Hear me, Lord - preserve and gladden me.
No one is like You.  Teach me to fear You whole-heartedly.
The insolent seek my life, so show me a sign that You're on my side and give me strength.

Proverbs 4
Listen to me, father to son.  When my dad taught me, he said the same thing I'm telling you: get wisdom.  Avoid the path of the wicked - it ends in violence and darkness, but the righteous path gets brighter and brighter.  My words are life; keep your heart; shoot straight in your talk and walk.

How this is about Jesus
68 - He gives His church gifts after ascending to heaven.
72 - He is the king ruling with God's justice and mercy.
86 - He had a united heart to fear God, and God gave many signs that He was from God.
Prov. 4 - Jesus passes on the Father's wisdom to us.  He is the way and the life.

"Unite my heart to fear your name" - Psalm 86:11

Here's the Bible reading plan I'm following.
(I'm taking a Proverb chapter per day this month, instead of their plan with the Proverbs.)

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