Time to Separate? / Spiritual check-in / Loving Sinners

What kind of relationship can I have with other Christians who disagree with me?
David Murray has helpful words here.
Sinclair Ferguson, here.
"individuals may deal with the same issue, apply the same principles, yet reach conclusions at different speeds, be convinced by different considerations, and indeed have different reasons for their responses as they seek to interpret God’s providences in the light of His Word. Our ability to perfectly bring Scripture to bear on our own situation is limited. Our ability to bring Scripture to bear on others’ situations is often even more limited. If we lose our grip on that principle, we will find ourselves slowly moving into a very limited and limiting fellowship of God’s people."

Time for a spiritual check-up - these are piercing questions.

A great critique of Matthew Vines' book, "God and the Gay Christian," which attempts to legitimize homosexual behavior in God's eyes:
"Vines is correct in one respect: A great deal of work is needed within the Church to ensure that gay men and women are treated with the love and respect they deserve as children of God.  But given the flaws of Vines's arguments, how can orthodox Christians 'affirm' a union that lacks any biblical or biological validity?"
Dennis DiMauro, in First Things, March 2015, pg. 64

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