Psalm 39-41

I tried to hold back from sinning with my tongue.
Help me know how fleeting my life is.
I hope in You; take away the punishment for my sin.

God drew me out of the pit.  I will sing to Him!
God doesn't want sacrifice so much as a delight to do His will.
I told Your people how You delivered me, and I need it again.  "Do not delay, O my God!"

God protects the one who seeks to protect the poor.
My enemies want me to die.
You sustain me, and "set me in Your presence forever."

End of book one of the Psalms

How this is about Jesus
God struck Him and He cried out (39:10; Isa 53:10).
He pointed to doing God's will (John 4:34) more than sacrifice (Matt. 9:13).
His enemies sought His life, but God established Him before Him forever (41:5-12).

It's important that we tell God's people how God has delivered us, specifically.
We often try to compensate for our disobedience with sacrifice.  The better and right response is crying out to God for mercy and forgiveness, not trying to make up for it on our own.

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