An Undivided Catch

When Jesus appears to the disciples after His resurrection in Galilee, they are following Peter back to fishing.  Jesus calls to them to try the other side of the boat for fish.  They catch so many that they can’t lift it into the boat, but the net isn’t torn. Torn is the word schism. Jesus makes Peter and the apostles fishers of men, and the net doesn’t break.  This is a prediction and an exhortation to the future church.  The number of believers, now in the billions, won’t divide the church, but our divisive hearts may.  This table is one place to mend the nets.  Set things right with your brother or sister before coming here, or resolve to start that process today.

The disciples had no food, they could catch nothing with Jesus’ power.  And so it is with us.  Jesus invites us to eat and refresh ourselves here, regardless how much or how little we have worked for Him.  Some of us have worked our tails off this week for others.  Some of us have enjoyed that work as honored guests.  Remember that we all receive grace and honor because of the work of Christ.  We don’t deserve it, but He gives it anyway, to feed and heal and strengthen the body.  Mend the nets.


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