Point and Proper Purpose

The message of the Lord's table is the same as what Paul preached and the same we find in the written Word of God we now have.  It is Christ crucified, His death proclaimed, as the atonement for our sins.

The manner of the table is worthy partaking, and that means discerning the body.  In the context of 1 Cor 11 that meant sensitivity to the whole church, taking every one into account and not leaving some out.  It's deeply ironic that most of the church uses this very text to keep the littlest among us from this gift from God.  Recognize and thank God for one another while you chew and swallow.  We certainly do this in remembrance of Jesus, that's the message.  But the manner, the way we remember him is by remembering His whole body.

The motive for the Lord's table is later in the text.  We don't want to be judged and condemned by the Lord, we want his blessing.  We are here to be fed.  If you don't know that you are weak and sick and in need of the great physician then there is nothing for you here.  Receive and rest on Christ alone today.


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