Fellowship of Saints Here and There

We are called to discern the body while celebrating the Lord’s Supper. This is usually taken to mean the death of Jesus, His body on the cross. But in context it means the body of believers gathered together to partake. We should recognize each other as fellow Christians for whom Christ died. I talk about this often – don’t just curl up into your “me-and-Jesus” shell when you partake. He means for you to reach out to others as He reached out to you.  

An added dimension to this is remembering names in genealogies like this. Abram, Peleg, Shem, these are men we will meet someday in glory, just as I’ll be reunited with my father, and the Thompsons with Kate. We don’t pray to them, but we sing truly that we have Mystic sweet communion with those whose rest is won. Consider just how big and rich God’s story is in the communion of saints. 

And back to this gathering, Let it make you sensitive to who is in this room today – who may need the grace of Jesus extended to them by your words, your hands.


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