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Does God view the efforts of Christians as filthy rags, as Isaiah 64:6 seems to say?  NO.  Michael Kruger gives an encouraging clarification.  Only 3 screens long, on my computer.

Continuing the "IS Courtship Flawed" discussion, Aimee Byrd chimes in with a helpful distinction between casual and formal dating, advocating the latter.  I'm still more of a courtship guy, but if parents allow dates while shepherding their kids carefully (which can be done), I'm not going to raise an outcry.

Since these courtship discussions tend to come across as judging those who are still waiting to court, or are courting now, here is an article that encourages young ladies who desire marriage, and have been waiting... and waiting... and waiting.  Really good toward the end.

This was good for my soul and convicting, after a few facebook disagreements with friends.

Helpful arguments here against dipping the bread in the wine, when celebrating the Lord's Supper.  It's called intinction, but I love the slogan here: "Sip it, don't dip it!"

Brad Pitt warns us that success is a dead end.  "I’m telling you, once you get everything, then you’re just left with yourself."

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