Easter Eyes Open

The two Emmaus road disciples had their Eyes opened and saw Jesus when they broke bread. In Genesis 3:7 Adam and Eve when they ate had their Eyes open and they knew their nakedness. 

One thing we do at this table is examine ourselves.  Perhaps you are acutely aware of your sin here. Your inadequacy.  This is good. We should realize God won’t be pleased with us; He will be angry.  But we can go off the rails here and try to sew fig leaves for ourselves and hide from God.  We need to see and accept God’s mercy to be accepted. 

We have this at the cross. 

We go on to have our eyes opened and see the risen, living Lord who accepts us and eats with us. We don't just have guilt removed in some abstract, legal way.

You have a Lord who loves you.  
Who knows you.  
Whom you can know.  
Who walks with you even when you don’t see Him.
Who sits down to eat and drink with you until you know Him. 

Are your eyes open to risen Lord Jesus?


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